PUMA Life in Iceland: Gullfoss Waterfall

For those looking to explore Iceland’s diverse natural world, the outdoor possibilities are endless. Once you arrive in the capital Reykjavik, I recommend you to rest well, maybe walk around a little bit, but then get outdoor-equipped, charge the camera, and start your trip into Iceland’s vast wilderness. It takes a few hours to get to the far-flung sites that you actually come to visit in Iceland. You will find yourself surrounded by breathtaking sceneries and hidden, ancient natural wonders. Many of those places can only be reached traveling long journeys through the country and there are even places you can only reach through extensive hikes on mountains and volcanic landscapes.

My first stop after leaving Reykjavik was the Gullfoss, also called the “Golden Falls”, located in the river Hvítá (engl. white river) that originates in a glacier lake about 40 km away. The water plunges down on a three step staircase, then tumbles in two steps down into a 32 m deep crevice. It is a truly beautiful wonder of nature to watch and a powerful experience which I left feeling overwhelmed and energized.

For those of you that have been following my adventures through the years, know that it is my great passion to explore remote, exceptional places in the world. Iceland has been on top of that list for a long time and it is my great pleasure that I could finally explore the country and even better, took my favorite outdoor and sports brand with me – PUMA. You know this feeling, when you get to know a person and have this great energy of comfort and enjoyment. Well, this is how I would define my relationship with PUMA. We get along very well and our history goes back to old times in high school, when I got my first pair of PUMA sneakers for sport lessons. Since then, PUMA has accompanied me through workouts and outdoor activities around the globe.

PUMA is one of world’s leading brands for sports and footwear, and has established a history of making the best products such as in Football, Running, Fitness, Golf, and Motorsports. It engages in exciting collaborations with other brands to bring innovative and fast designs to the sports world. When you enter my photo gallery further down, you can see the red bomber jacket, a favorite piece from the ongoing PUMA collaboration with Ferrari. In preparation for my adventure, taking a closer look at PUMA, its history and brand values, I was surprised to find that we share the same philosophy, independently, in four different categories: Brave, Confident, Determined & Joyful. Those are the values that PUMA is grounded in and also have been the motor in my life for the past 5 years, sharing my story, starting a blog, and turning my passion into a business. Those values should be very important to each and one of you as well, for everything you do in life and whatever field you are working in:

  1. BRAVE: Take risks do not be afraid to fail. If it happens, try to make the most of it and take the best out of the experience. Never give up!
  2. CONFIDENT: – Whatever it is you, do it with passion, and believe in your goal!
  3. DETERMINED: – Set goals to achieve your dream. Nothing should come between you and realizing them!
  4. JOYFUL: – Work to live, don’t live to work – put your heart and soul into whatever it is you do!

For this first look it was important to create an outfit that would be comfortable to wear during a long day of outdoor activities together with convenient footwear for lots of walking, and a waterproof jacket against the cold weather. I chose this amazing new gray jogging suit with orange details, a red bomber jacket, combined with white-gray sneakers that have extra heel thickness at both sides for good stability and a rubber outsole for a great grip.